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, reggie williams. >>> we continue our sunday sit-down here on "xfinity sports sunday." bill duffy joins us. among his clients, steve nash, yao ming. let's begin with leverage in negotiations. how do the nba players get leverage? >> that's a great question. and, you know, leverage in any negotiation is usually determinant on the victor. you obviously want to have a balance in any negotiation. but in this case, the owners have a very powerful stronghold because they have the paycheck. which they will withhold starting november 1st. so the challenge we've had is this a two-year ordeal, we've seen this coming. now that we're at a pressure point, i think the owners are relying on the fact that the players are going to relent and compromise at this point. >> billy hunter is the executive director of the nba players association. then there's an executive board made up of a lot of players. where are agents in these discussions? >> it's a very interesting question, because although we are the representatives for the players we are not part of the union, we are advisers to the players. the union is
the suspect is believed to be hiding. swat officers used flash bangs and tear gas to force who they believe is 38-year-old steve ruiz to come outside of a home on mcdougall boulevard in stockton. neighbors told us that earlier in the day they heard the sound of gunfire. >> there's a lot of broken windows. they're doing a lot of shooting and gas and trying to -- just waiting. hopefully talking to the guy and see if he comes out. >> reporter: neighbors gathered at the edge of the crime tape in this unusually quiet neighborhood to watch as swat officers wearing gas maskses with guns down surrounded the home. >> it's pretty scary. we live in a nice, quiet neighborhood. our children were scared. they're like literally in the bedroom. >> reporter: steve ruiz is wanted in connection with the slaying of a fellow member of the hell's angels, steve tossant gunned down at the local leader funeral one week ago. police found his motorcycle at the funeral and initially thought ruiz may have been killed. they now believe he's injured with two black eyes and could be with his girlfriend, crystal trujillo.
starts right now. >>> good sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. tonight, several candidates running for mayor in san francisco are asking the federal government to step in to make sure the election is conducted fairly. election day is just about two weeks away and the request comes in the wake of accusations of voter fraud. nbc bay area's monte francis is in san francisco with more for us. monty? >> good evening. seven of the candidates sent this letter to the secretary of state and to the department of justice. they want election monitors to oversee the voting process. this all stems from video footage taken on friday in china town. the online video posted by a campaign staffer for leland yi shows workers from an independent group supporting ed lee. you see them here wearing blue shirts helping voters fill out absentee ballots and in some cases actually filling out the ballots themselves. we caught up with several of the candidates at a mayoral forum earlier today, including those who are blasting the mayor and his s
-off. and we talked about it as a club. we really felt the fans would come out here and support us. they did. and we certainly appreciated it. and we wanted to reciprocate our appreciation by playing good ball. and we're disappointed we didn't win the last game, but the guys played well in that last series. >> all right, guys. let's start the review of 2011. i'll start with you, brian. we all review how we do our jobs. as you sit back and look at the entirety of the season, do you ask yourself the question, did i do everything i could to get the giants back to the playoffs? >> of course not because we didn't get to the playoffs. even though we had a bunch of injuries to the tune of using the dl 25 times with 20 different players, the truth of the matter is, we couldn't find a way to get more offense out of our catching spot. we could never figure out shortstop. n that was a black hole. and, you know, our lead-off spot was nonexistent. and you do take that personal. but i will say this. even though the offense was a mess, we were able to win 86 games. and that's a testament that bruce and his
for joinings here. join us next week. we look at gambling in sports. >>> up next, a special edition of nbc bay area news. good night, everybody. ve >>> right now on nbc bay area news, we'll show you what occupy protesters in oakland are planning for this week. and what major jean quan had to say about it. >>> also, the pre-halloween blizzard back east. >>> and a halloween preview for you. we'll take you to the most famous haunted house in the bay area. can you guess? the news starts right now. good evening. welcome to the special edition of nbc bay area news. supporters of the occupy movement in oakland are planning another major action this week. and you might just be surprised by what mayor jean quan had to say about the newest plans. nbc's bay area's alias. >> reporter: protesters have been working out a general strike planned for wednesday. it could bring the entire city to the halt. the plan is to march from city hall here to the port of oakland, with the goal of shutting down the nation's fifth-busiest port before the 7:00 p.m. night shift. activists say the strike is about the growing g
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6